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What's new in SimpleK v4.2?

SimpleK Update v4.2 is available
This new version contains, among others, the following corrections and additional functionalities:

New features :

  • Key and Hardware Order Tracking
  • Portable Key Delivery Device(for Android tablet/phone)
  • Hardware in Work Orders
  • Advanced Filter and Sort for all tables
  • New Sargent 6300 LFIC Pinning Calculator
  • Take Pictures with WebCam
  • Access Matrix
  • Duplicate Numbering by Key System
  • Advanced Room Management (Additional module)
Improvements :

  • New toolbar and context menu
  • Work Orders are moved under Documents
  • Work Order linked to Items (Additional module)
  • Work Order linked to building
  • Work Order without a door
  • Filter closed Work Orders
  • Hardware unit costs
  • Work Order costs
  • List of Hardware in Work Orders
  • Windows Theme adjustments
  • Key Delivery Wizard reorganization
  • ITL Cutting Tool reorganization
  • Import performance enhancments
  • Display Key Function, Description, Type and Hook in Pinning Calcultaor
  • Create new Work Order from Diagrams, Doors or Rooms
  • Security for Create All Key Holders' Folders tool
  • Do not show false SQL Error messages when upateing or creating databases.
  • Key Issuance Wizard: Assign documents to duplicates
  • Look up keys using hook number option
  • Automatic numbering for Work Orders and Key Requests
  • Key Rings in personal inventory
  • Manage Hardware usage in Work Orders
  • Filter compteled Work Orders
  • Hardware inventory (Minimum, Maximum and current quantity)
  • Add Key Ring holder's department in history
  • Use door color in diagram in point mode
  • Archive transfert, lease et returned key duplicates
  • Manager's name in Keys by Du Date report
  • Transfert Cylinder when importing door survey
  • Unique Sequence Number for duplicates
  • Unique Cylinder Number when importing
  • Key Hook in Locksmith's Report
  • Filter/Sort for custom queries
  • Total Deposit in Holder table (professional version only)
  • Display doors in Diagram using system security
  • Import updates for Key List
  • Import updates for Duplicate
  • Separate Buildup Pins in Core Pinning Calculator
  • Access database speed improvments
  • Display date and time for Key Ring Issued Date and Due Date in Key Ring Issuance Agreement
  • Send email for Key Request approbation
  • Refund form with mor than one refund
  • End date in Filter/Sort Holders
  • Parameters Categories
  • Edit duplicate by its manager only (Web Forms option)
  • Do not display Core Pinning without acces to keycut
  • Associate items with rooms (Additional modules)
Fixes :

  • Keep sorting and display on refresh
  • Add a door
  • Disable Automatic Numbering
  • Edit multiple Keyrings
  • Diplay current deposits for duplicates
  • Hide Excel button in forms
  • Create holder in listbox
  • No holder for new Keyring
  • Select Building, floor or door without system in List of Holders by Door report
  • Document's folder
  • Acces rights for last fileds and pictures
  • Associate Keys to doors after door modification
  • Diagrams displayed multiple time in list
  • Open Keyring Wizzard
  • Avoid big red Xs
  • Default end date for holders
  • Numbering using Key Hook
  • Manager digital signing in Keyring Wizard
  • Multiple Keys modification (Access database)
  • Automatique numbering (Access database)
  • Edit Fees (Professional Edition)
  • Edit Refunds (Professional Edition)
  • Refund messsage on every returned keys (Professional Edition)
  • Refund when not holding keys (Professional Edition)
  • Refund with no deposit selected (Professional Edition)
  • Error message in Holder form
  • Change password with SQL authentification
  • SQL 2000 web user compatibility (Web Forms)
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