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What's new in SimpleK v4.1?

November 15 2011, Version 4.1:
This version includes all improvements made from compilation 4.0.1 to 4.0.28
New features:
  • Filter/Sort Work Order Wizard
  • Filter/Sort Holders Doors Access Wizard
  • Save formats in Filter/Sort Wizards
  • Update Door Survey (import)
  • Abloy-Protect Systems Pinning Calculator
  • System Hierarchy
  • Reminder on low quantity of keys in stock
  • People, new field for "End Date"
  • Partial refund for Deposits and Fees (Professional Edition)
  • Refund without Deposits (Professional Edition)
  • Deposits corrections (Professional Edition)
  • Rooms History (Room management module)
  • Authorized Key Rings report (Professional Edition)
  • Digital ID Key Ring return (Additional module required)
  • Key Blank management from Copy windows
  • Key Blank management when using ITL cutting machine
  • Show System name in Keys dropdown lists
  • Show start-up progress
  • Custom fields available in Work Order form
  • PNG file format supported for diagrams
  • SQL Server error detection
  • Angle for ITL cutting machine (Medeco Biaxial)
  • Master Key System Generator: Standard key naming options
  • Access Key Duplicates from Key Ring form
  • Progress window show remaining time
  • Import Doors' Departments
  • Import Keys' Keyways
  • Do not select "All" Systems on start-up
  • New History configuration section
  • Show Holders without keys in "Duplicates by Departments" report
  • Adding Holder's Function in "Duplicates by Departments" report
  • History of Keys in Key Ring option
  • Work Order numbering date format
  • Filter/Sort Key Duplicates: Add Key hook
  • General Return Wizard: Release Broken and Lost keys option
  • Import Cylinders from Door Survey (Professional Edition)
  • Show Unused Cylinder (Professional Edition)
  • Mandatory Deposit/Refund method option(Professional Edition)
  • Key Delivery Wizard: Validate required deposit (Professional Edition)
  • Refund method for Deposits (Professional Edition)
  • Validate refunds from Duplicate form (Professional Edition)
  • Display Duplicate Deposits in personal inventory (Professional Edition)
  • New Deposit configuration section (Professional Edition)
  • Mandatory account number in Key Requests (Web Module)
  • Displayed Keys depend on security level/department/delegation (Web Module)
  • Create new databases
  • Use print settings for return form
  • SQL 2000 Compatibility
  • Only current users can login
  • Multi-page printing from print preview
  • Setting Systems read-only
  • System for key blank option default value
  • Remove Holder from Duplicate or Key Ring
  • Display license owner
  • Validate 0 MACS when it's meaning 10
  • Overlapping doors in Diagrams
  • Master Key System Generator: Create duplicated key codes
  • Hide Cylinders in Doors table (Standard Edition)
  • Access DB compatibility (Department security, filtering history, Key blanks, Doors)
  • Sorting and searching reports
  • Update doors list in Keys table
  • Remove User and Admin from Holders table
  • Save column layout
  • Key pinning calculation and printing with key security level
  • History of Duplicate's manager
  • Optimizing Key-Door assignment
  • Avoid deleting doors when Diagram is not in Configuration mode
  • List of Keys with associated Buildings
  • Export History to Excel
  • Display signatures from Network UNC path
  • $0 Refunds
  • Associated table lookup
  • Assign Key with no master to doors
  • Add Holder's with ID
  • Visitor Log: Signature (Public Safety module)
  • Visitor Log: update note (Public Safety module)
  • Check for unique Cylinder (Professional Edition)
  • General Return Wizard: Display duplicate with no status (Professional Edition)
  • Key Delivery Wizard: Display Duplicates with no status (Professional Edition)
  • Validate authorized holder for new Key Rings (Professional Edition)
  • Key Ring Issuance Wizard : Display Rings to be returned (Professional Edition)
  • Key Ring Issuance Wizard : Find rings to be returned (Professional Edition)
  • Key Delivery Wizard: display refund when required (Professional Edition)
  • General Return Wizard: Initialize refund (Professional Edition)
  • General Issuance Wizard: Field security (Professional Edition)
  • General Issuance Wizard: Hide unauthorized inventory (Professional Edition)
  • General Issuance Wizard: Remaining refund (Professional Edition)
  • General Issuance Wizard: Disable deposit when not available (Professional Edition)
  • General Issuance Wizard: Error on limited list field and hidden tab (Professional Edition)
  • General Issuance Wizard: Initialization (Professional Edition)
  • General Issuance Wizard: Activate Key panel from Key issuance requests (Professional Edition)
  • Assign requests with keys to be cut (Professional Edition)
  • Show user in deposit history (Professional Edition)
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