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What's new in SimpleK 4.9?

SimpleK v4.9 is now available
This new version contains, among others, the following corrections and additional features:

New Features:

  • Access card requests from Web Forms
  • Dynamic search
  • Page View for creating systems
  • Find ghost doors
  • Import from KeyWizard
  • Support PDF file for Diagrams
  • Import People from Active Directory or LDAP
  • New user roles (Keycut and Core change)
  • Notes formating (Colors, fonts, sizes)
Improvements :

  • Show duplicates from the door
  • Create partial inventory form
  • Improve grid/dropdown loading speed (load partial data)
  • Read only access to authorized Key Rings
  • General speed improvement
  • No Excel installation required anymore for import or export (XLSX files)
  • Default columns to import
  • Keyboard shortcuts review
  • New columns on some reports
  • Displaying data in the holder cleanup tool
  • Display angles in core pinning
  • Master key level selection in system generator
  • Select and print personal inventory in batch
  • Preview panel layout
  • Due date in return wizard
  • Core pinning calculator: use X as 10 in biting
  • Setup digital ID directly in People, Key Rings, ...
  • Manual entry for digital ID
  • Select floor for any buildings
  • New column for associated docuemnt
  • Two signature in return wizard (returned keys and new inventory)
  • Refund Forfeited Deposits
  • Forms window size
  • Close deposits only if an amount is set
  • Default to a 1 day history
  • Building list based on doors' account number
  • Signature unique file name
  • Remove return in Delivery Wizard
  • Item inspection (Mobile app module)
  • - Setup inspection question
  • - Customize model for doors
  • - Room history: Filter by inspection date
  • - Create only one work order by item
  • - Work order created when item not inspected
  • - Import recommandations
  • - Inspection report
  • - Use InspectoMobile user in history
  • - Work order and history in room form
  • - Roomless items inspections
Fixes :

  • SigPad on Windows XP
  • Room forms
  • Edit doors (Access databases)
  • Search is lost in some associated table
  • Decimal on cost (Work order)
  • Locksmith wizard saving form
  • Some columns in reports
  • General issuance wizard: save columns
  • Remove associated keys to doors
  • Choose template before save forms
  • Font size after printing core pinning
  • Save MySQL port
  • Preview panel in history
  • Convert to MySQL
  • Convert to MSSQL
  • Edit requester in Work order
  • Color list
  • Money format when exporting history
  • Opening System generator
  • Notes in work order forms
  • Select icon in diagrams
  • Column width for item inspection
  • Title bar is getting bigger (keys, cylinders, Work Order and purchase order)
  • Duplicated request numbers
  • Show duplicates after batch creation
  • Red X in preview panel
  • Colors for High contrast
  • Import doors with account no
  • Send email from mobile key delivery
  • Custom fields for models and items
  • Type holder name in return wizard
  • Print forms from wizard
  • Delivery wizard: Deposit windows keep showing up
  • Import InspectO door surveys
  • Field base security for associated documents
  • Delete temporary files
  • Do not convert a database over an old one
  • Empty forms on winzard
  • Sort data in History
  • Color sig pad with delivery wizard
  • Validate key requests
  • Default status on creating multiple duplicates
  • Using default duplicate status
  • 'Person does not exist' message in wizard
  • Add doors without selecting floor fisrt
  • Floor disapears after editing door
  • Search history
  • Field base security for people
  • Inspection column in item history
  • Custom fields in wizard
  • RFIDeas reader not connected
  • Tooltips in grid (for notes)
  • Signature is lost when changing template
  • Import compliant column with inspection
  • Save column in locksmith wizard and filter/sort windows
  • Wrong folder for inspectO file
  • SimpleK freezes
  • Many more minor fixes...
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