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What's new in SimpleK 4.10?

SimpleK v4.10 is now available
This new version contains, among others, the following corrections and additional features:

New Features:

  • Key Holder Audit (Module Forms)
  • Core Calculator for Corbin Systems
  • Departments details
  • Key Issuance Authorizers
  • Core Calculator for Yale Coremark Systems
  • MasterKing Data Import
  • KeyTrail Data Import
Improvements :

  • Search speed
  • Digital ID Integration
  • Enhanced search options
  • New Codes in Forms
  • Door Access Control
  • Enhanced Layout
  • Add More Custom Fields
  • Update Mode for Item Imports
  • Importing duplicates: Use existing sequence numbers
  • People Direct Supervisor
  • Display all Request for Admnistrator
  • Hide Empty Ghost Key List
  • Import Keys: find master
  • Key History (System name has changed)
  • Default database name in INI file
  • Select Master/Control Key
  • Memory management
  • Building sort
  • Import more data from ActiveDirectory (and more connection options)
  • New status messages in Main Page
  • Remove keys in Mobile Delivery
  • Overdue Items Notification
  • Show Item Photos in General Issuance Wizard
  • Key Request changes in History
  • Explorer View Sort
  • Digital ID in Wizard(Issuance and return)
  • Core change wizard load speed
  • Custom Reports
  • Import key ranges in door survey
  • Print Custom Fields with core pinning
  • Select change key in Key Request
  • Return date in Key Request
  • ITL cutting queue
Fixes :

  • More Details Soon
  • Update database MySQL
  • General Issuance Wizard: lookup by building
  • Duplicate History
  • Default Key Request type
  • Import dates from InpsectO
  • Filter/Sort Columns
  • Mobile Apps default folder
  • Empty ComboBoxes
  • Edit Models
  • Adding doors in diagrams
  • Notes in forms
  • Display Key Request
  • Warning when closing Key Delivery Wizard
  • SimpleK freezes
  • Change door's system
  • Display duplicate holder name (from holder form)
  • Import Old ProMaster files
  • Detect LCD SigPad
  • Import Keys (update mode, key count)
  • Tabs
  • Search data in LGC file
  • Create new holder from dropdown list
  • Edit multiple duplicates was losing holder
  • Edit ITL Manufacturer codes
  • Create Door Survey Template
  • Create New database
  • Edit Work Order
  • Select Floor for Diagram
  • Select Key Ring with Digital ID
  • Quantified Items in General Issuance Wizard
  • Fixed Sort Order
  • ITL cutting keys
  • Import Keys from different Systems
  • Many more minor fixes...
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