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SimpleK 5.2 Change Log

Solution 5.2.81 (2022-01-12)
LIKE option in search tool
Special characters (*%[]) support on search tool (Contains, Begin With and Does not Contain)
Fix: Collation issues on database creation
Fix: The change key o a door (or item) is not removed when a cylinder is removed

5.2.80 (2022-01-10)
Fix: Required field for item's category
Avoid loading everything on return tool
Import keys from ProMaster CSV files
Fix: Notification with long email addresses

5.2.79 (2021-12-21)
Fix: Export Images file name

5.2.78 (2021-12-21)
Fix: Key state filter and export in archive/reports
Key hook in Issuance
Warning format in web key requests
Include printing parameters inside forms templates(margins, printer name, orientation, duplex)

5.2.77 (2021-12-08)
Export linked documents
Import Control Key
Fix: Create Items in Assignment
Use location for auto-populating SVG diagrams
Enhanced security (HTTP warning, stronger password requirements, Protected Web Application configuration)

5.2.76 (2021-11-25)
Fix: Add/Remove administrators
Fix: Designated change key inadvertently update with "All Keys Masters" mode
Loading keys and doors lists performance for groups of user with "Account No"
Web Module: Key Tracking page performance

5.2.75 (2021-11-23)
Fix: Taking picture
Fix: Corbin 4 Core pinning for SKDs
Loading building list optimization

5.2.74 (2021-11-19)
Fix: Crash on Issuance initialization

5.2.73 (2021-11-16)
Fix: Default building selection for door assignment to key
Fix: Profile based inventory form in Assignment
Issuance notes
Hide signature box in forms when not required
Hook in Return
Profiles sorted in configuration

5.2.72 (2021-11-12)
Auto focus camera management

5.2.71 (2021-11-08)
Avoid key management assignment when not used
Key approvers supersede building and department approvers for masters
Avoid data being pulled twice from database

5.2.70 (2021-10-30)
Use semicolon as email separator
Optional video stream for camera
Opening Studio QR code
Deposit history includes holder ID and Department
Fix: LFIC X4 core pinning
Share SigColor tablet
Fix: display system's model

5.2.69 (2021-10-19)
Avoid overwriting key holder signature on audits
Fix: Incompatibility with camera on Windows 10
New default installation folder
Enable two levels drilldown navigation
Fix: camera zoom level before taking pictures

5.2.68 (2021-10-15)
Fix: Background Task service installation
Key Request Approvers: use building/department for master key
Web module: avoid unnecessary steps on audits

5.2.67 (2021-10-07)
Fix: Create Key request on Web module

5.2.66 (2021-10-04)
Logging Holder ID and department in history
Fix: Collation issues on database update
Enhanced key holder lookup (from dropdown list)
Fix: error on corrupted configuration file

5.2.65 (2021-09-24)
Fix: Scrollbar on web key requests approval
Keep issue date for lost keys
Keep key selection (All) on duplicate edits

5.2.64 (2021-09-18)
Enhanced camera

5.2.63 (2021-09-11)
Fix: Crash on older database update

5.2.62 (2021-09-03)
Display Required Acceptor on Web Request
Fix: Save door list with card requests
New option: Hide disabled people on web
New option: Hide people without keys on web
Fix: FirstDisplayedScrollingColumnIndex Error on startup
Fix: Item's forms automatic save location
Fix: lost automatic numbering settings on web form

5.2.61 (2021-08-25)
Fix: Initial connexion to archive database using SQL authentication
Fix: Formatted notes support in forms
Fix: Open department's details from door window
New Logo

5.2.60 (2021-08-12)
VIP is required for approval of own key
Fix: Door Key list does not match cylinder list
Print form background from print preview
Enhanced color list editing
Display building name in key list (optional)
Fix: Find Key interchange when a key section is selected on the system.
Fix: auto-approval of key requests by VIP

5.2.59 (2021-08-06)
Enhanced RTF support
Columns added in duplicate listing, item section
Fix: disable automatic return date on Key rings
Fix: Some readonly fields are unreadable
Fix: Scroll management when adding/removing/resizing columns
Fix: Duplicates table Key filter switch to "All" on key edit
Web application error management

5.2.58 (2021-07-22)
Item's columns in deposit history
Background image in form's printouts

5.2.57 (2021-07-21)
New columns for department description and holder's type in Duplicates, Key Rings, Items and Doors
Fix: Create new database
Fix: Log on as another user
Fix: Key and card requests for doors with no keys
Enhancement on key request "Call off"

5.2.56 (2021-07-18)
Person details: show key ring and items history
Fix: Issuance request type dropdown list
Warning on key request for door with access control
Fix: sigpad being disconnected
Fee on lost items
Fix: adding custom fields

5.2.55 (2021-07-07)
Authenticate on Mobile Application using ActiveDirectory password
Automatic numbering for Items
Assignment: Create items on the fly
Fix: Change key section in Master Key System Generator
Fix: Crashes with error in date format
Enhanced speed when Open duplicate details from key ring
Fix: Missing default diagram

5.2.54 (2021-06-28)
Fix:Import Key Sections
Propagate Custom column names
Save manual edits within Forms

5.2.53 (2021-06-16)
Assignment Fix: Keep Custom1 values
Assignment Fix: Keep Status on successive assignments
Forms: New code for people pictures
Import items using holder ID (without name)
Default values for Abloy Protec
Avoid "File opened" errors on form templates
Department description in people list
Fix: Item import with new database
Print cylinder name with door pinning chart

5.2.52 (2021-06-04)
New fields for mobile application surveys
Fix: adding doors on buildings with no key systems
Install: SyncSimpleK account included in SIMPLEK_USERS
Eliminate some MSSQL warnings
Fix: up to date key count displayed

5.2.51 (2021-05-27)
Fix: Hidden key request with doors and no keys
Fix: Approval for requests with doors and no keys
Refresh list on associated tabs
Valid WorkstationID on SQL Server
Inspection Fix: Adding doors to route

5.2.50 (2021-05-19)
Fix new database creation

5.2.49 (2021-05-14)
Enhanced accessibility on Web Module (Navigation and contrast)
User based preference for sending forms by email
Group based security option to allow sending forms by email
Fix: Personal inventory with individual deposit
Use network folder for default linked documents selection
Fix: Hook selection
Fix: updating key section and Keyway list

5.2.48 (2021-05-04)
Fix: Cylinder count is lost on door edit
Web Form: Display Key description in Key Tracking
Web Form: Show door key list in Key Tracking
Web Form: Hide Empty column in Key Tracking
Enhanced duplicate history by door
Fix: Collateral Masters shows as key interchange in core calculator
Fix: Save database connexion when moving from Access to SQL database

5.2.47 (2021-04-28)
Fix: Display images in Web form
Web Form: Display items description in audit
Access deposit in item section
Update items with cylinders
Display accessible items (with lock) in people and cylinders
Print a comment with core pinning

5.2.46 (2021-04-20)
Fix "Filter/Sort Key rings and Duplicates"
Import Medeco key listing
Display items associated with a key

5.2.45 (2021-04-19)
Fix: deleting some elements
Fix: Update key

5.2.44 (2021-04-18)
Import items with keying
Fix: Add new item with keying
Display Hook in request email
Batch export for keys by department report
Fix: Select color for items
Crosskeying for items
Pinning calculator for items
Fix: pinning calculator with a lot of keys

5.2.43 (2021-04-10)
Assign Keys to Items
Fix System Generator: Some levels don't expand
New Requests logged to history
Transition/Return: Display Deposits for items
Assignment: Edit item's required deposit
TLS 1.2 support for notifications
Fix: Picture and new door in InspectO surveys
Sort new entries in drop down list
System Generator: Edit SOP in KBA
Fix required signature on return
Fix: System type display
Attach document on Item requests

5.2.42(a) (2021-04-03)
Includes Web module 1.13.17 Fixing door listing on key requests

5.2.42 (2021-03-30)
System Generator: SOP layout
Database creation: prevent unnecessary warnings
Fix: Loading Transfer tool
Return tool: Display Item deposits
Return tool: Validate required signature

5.2.41 (2021-03-26)
Item Deposits in Quick Actions and forms
Import deposits for Items
Holder department in deposit history
Fix Diagram: Display icon with Access DB
Fix: Create Inventory Form where deposits are involved
System Generator: Enhanced layout
Fix: Import custom fields for floors

5.2.40 (2021-03-19)
Fix some date format
Item tracking: Register deposits
Fix: Save settings to INI file
Fix: Loading door icon size
Fix: Batch Edit on Item models
Web module option: Hide Schedule
Web module option: Required Custom field on card requests
Fix: Error message on deposit forfeit

5.2.39 (2021-03-12)
Return tool loads faster
Fix: Compatibility with InspectOMobile
New setting for network files timeout
Item tracking: Default Loan duration for models
Item tracking: Default Form Template for Categories
Import duplicate ranges: skip and continue if they exists

5.2.38 (2021-03-09)
InspectO Survey: Enhanced file transfer
Fix: Memory leak with pictures embedded in forms
Fix: Assignment crashes when selecting door

5.2.37 (2021-03-01)
Fix: 5E-5P Core pinning on A4 System
Fix: Display Manager Key's in inventory
Fix: Search tool layout for items
History by item
Fix: setup database using SQL authentication

5.2.36 (2021-02-23)
Fix: minor unhandled exceptions
Remove unnecessary warnings in key requests detail panel (Web)
Fix: Key holder history merge
Fix: unstable application when key master loops exists

5.2.35 (2021-02-17)
Fix: PDF diagrams always shows page 1
Import Items status and room
Import Door Keyway
Fix: Web audit without a valid login
Show request reason to approver
Do not show irrelevant warning about actual request for the same key

5.2.34 (2021-02-11)
Improved stability with Access database
Diagrams: Print fit to page
Diagrams: Select all doors associated with a key
Fix: diagram scaling
Fix: Create MSSQL database
Fix Sargent systems specs
Display user name in synchronization error log
Fix layout issue on IE 9 after key request
Multi levels Web request acceptance
Security level limited card requests

5.2.33 (2021-01-29)
Security Level on models (Item Tracking)
Fix: access to to Security level for people
Some layout enhancement
Fix: loading people list on Web module
Fix: Key request missing an approver while approvers are hidden
Fix: disabling navigation without saving changes
Fix: Request status assignment from the Transition tool

5.2.32 (2021-01-21)
Fix: Search for "Does not contains"
Search color columns
Assignment: display Hook in duplicate list
Acceptance for Card requests

5.2.31 (2021-01-19)
System based default Core Type
Support Sargent 5100 Core type without a control key
Fix small layout issues
Easier database selection on server
Fix demo license

5.2.30 (2021-01-12)
Fix: Deposits do not display in Form on Assignment
Avoid sending mails on manual notification modification
Fix: Save database as LGC file
Merge Holder history
Fix Web Module: Save notes on Audits
Fix Web Module: Empty list download
Fix Web Module: Edit Duplicates issue/due date from Web

5.2.29 (2021-01-08)
Logging AD Sync startup
Fix: Save signature from Forms
Fix: Error message saving forms without a picture
Fix: AD import memory leak
Fix: Clear Master Key on change key removal (Access Database)
New Sargent 5100 Core type
Fix: delay adding master key to door

5.2.28 (2020-12-18)
Fix: Loading Cylinder List with security on account numbers
Fix: Importing duplicates custom fields into history

5.2.27 (2020-12-18)
Disable client-side notification scans
Find access in diagram from Keys or People
Transition tool fix: Show Key Section
"LFIC Yale" core type
Fix in pinning calculator: infinite loop on control key
Fix: Errors displayed while updating
Fix: Batch edit in diagrams
Fix: Corrupted file for mobile delivery
Fix: Uppercase/Lowercase changes on Holder names
Fix: Large database conversion to SQL

5.2.26 (2020-12-05)
Take a picture with forms
Improved export (large file)
Doors name in cylinder list
Fix: Load hardware (Access Database)
Fix: Assign a key to an empty cylinder with associated doors
Rotate picture correctly with EXIF tags
Fix: Display cross keyed doors
Unlimited notes on key requests
Fix: Display RFID reader on doors

5.2.25 (2020-11-27)
Key compatibility background update
Fix: pinning display in cylinders
Avoid "Thread Abort" messages with "Save & Close"
Fix with partial system generation
Web form: mandatory cell phone number
Fix Create database with SQL authentication
Fix: Filter with checkmark columns
More Corbin/Russwin Multiplex support

5.2.24 (2020-11-23)
Print cylinder custom fields with core pinning
Fix: create new key
Assigned key count in people list
Fix: Retrieve pictures from InspectO
Connexion error management on new MSSQL database
Fix (Web module): Remove key holder
Mandatory key holder address or phone

5.2.23 (2020-11-17)
Support for Multiplex key systems
- Detect Key Interchange
- Detect Incidental Masters
- Generate systems based on Key Sections
Fix SyncSimpleK switching to manual mode
Hardware Inventory value
Fix for SQL Collation
Fix Door history (Access database)
Fix Access database creation
Fix Building manager setup (Access database)
Open database with auto-login on
Fix Web application not able to create new requests
Web Request menu without "Key Request" role
Web warning about keys already issued
Web Fix logging request reason
Web Fix logging request history

5.2.22 (2020-11-06)
Fix Key Request history log
Fix zoom management in diagram navigation
New warning for master holders in key request
Custom fields in return wizard
Fix cylinder displayed twice
Signature invite message
Import Key approvers
Fix key selection after duplicate modification

5.2.21 (2020-10-29)
Fix: History for core installation
Fix: Create key request using the List2 field
Fix: Select keys in history of doors
Security on request number
Fix: import duplicates quantities
User based ITL communication settings

5.2.20 (2020-10-26)
LFIC X4 Core type
Medeco X4 system model
Fix: Caching issuances

5.2.19 (2020-10-23)
BCC for Key Delivery email

5.2.18 (2020-10-22)
Optimized duplicate import
Avoid duplicated request number
Fix: import from ActiveDirectory with Access database
Fix: Assign keys to holder (with security)
Display Status date in history

5.2.17 (2020-10-16)
Refresh door list following door survey import
Import using sequence number ranges

5.2.16 (2020-10-15)
Message at the end of door survey import
Issuance: New form template for manager
Key request number in key ring form
Fix: Select key holder clears the status

5.2.15 (2020-10-13)
Print core pinning: Floor, location and description added
All manager approval is not the default anymore
Approver on masters propagates to change keys
Fix: search in return tool with multiple words
Remove validation confirmation while importing
Fix: import of doors with cylinder and no key

5.2.14 (2020-09-30)
Fix: global duplicate numbering
Update cylinder list on creation
Option to cancel cylinder modification when doors are affected
Transfer key rings and keys on key transfer
Hide key description on web option
Display all custom fields on Issuance and Return tools
Print Floor, door description and door location with core pinning
Open recent databases
Refresh Cylinder list
Fix: Edit key authorizer
Default status when duplicate is removed from ring
Association panels: Do not display items already associated

5.2.13 (2020-09-16)
Fix database update for database older than 2.0.33

5.2.12 (2020-09-11)
New Key State field
Faster history lookup

5.2.11 (2020-09-09)
Avoid loading non-primary approver (web requests)

5.2.10 (2020-09-01)
Loading access for grid columns
Web options

5.2.9 (2020-08-28)
New list of department by key
Fix: loading columns security access
Key Request: warning for key already issued
Fix: File in used error on InspectOMobile transfer

5.2.8 (2020-08-14)
Faster loading time with ITL cutting tool user role

5.2.7 (2020-08-07)
Fix: issuance form file name
Fix: Display ring name and hide keys from key rings in inventory form
Fix: Rotating Constante SOP calculation
Assignment: Avoid key request numbers to be overwritten by door number

5.2.6 (2020-08-03)
Display Key ring status in holders
Display Holder department in key ring
Key return: Display request number
Key Return: Save refund when transaction is completed
Key Return: Display key request number
Key issuance: warning on overdue keys
Assignment: warning based on Security level
Fix: PDF file name with alternate form template
Fix: field security when user changes
Enhanced core pinning printout (auto page break)
Fix: database update from database older than 4.10.9
Hide "Cancel" button in forms
Open Diagrams with error on file

5.2.5 (2020-07-24)
New Cylinder column on door list
Default status for new and returned duplicates
Fix: Duplicate History by people name

5.2.4 (2020-07-19)
Key Request: new Requested keys column

5.2.3 (2020-07-16)
Fastest loading time for duplicate details through people list
New Duplicated key biting report

5.2.2 (2020-07-01)
Display Holder department in door details
Lookup approvers by ID first name or last name
Fix: Create form by key manager
Locksmith report includes cylinder name
Fix: collateral masters assignment on doors.

5.2.1 (2020-06-23)
Enhanced door import speed
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