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How to setup SQL Server Express for remote connections?

Solution Default settings for SQL Server Express do not allow connection from remote computers to the database. Here are the steps to follow for SimpleK to be able to reach the database from a workstation.

1. Enable TCP/IP
1.1 Start SQL Server Configuration Manager
1.2 Expand SQL Server Network Configuration
1.3 Select protocols for SQLEXPRESS
1.4 Enable protocol "TCP/IP"
1.5 Restart SQL Server service

2. Start SQL Browser service
2.1 Start SQL Server Configuration Manager
2.2 Select "SQL Server Services"
2.3 Open "SQL Server Browser" properties
2.4 Under the "Service" tab, set the start mode to "Automatic"
2.5 Under the "Log On" tab, click on "Start"

3. Open Firewall
3.1 Port UDP 1434 must be opened inbound for SQL Browser to work correctly
3.2 Port TCP 1433 must be opened inbound for SQL Connection to work correctly (This port must be assigned under TCP/IP protocols settings)
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