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How to move my SimpleK database to a new SQL Server

Solution General note: The SimpleK database comes with a sister database hosting historical transaction. The database has the same name with an '-arh' suffix. Both databases must be moved to your new SQL Server.

Move the database
1. Stop all instance of SimpleK
2. Take backups of the databases on your old SQL server
3. Take the databases offline
4. Restore the databases on your new SQL server

Connect the SimpleK client
1. On the application server, start SimpleK using to shortcut to the local application.
2. Use the File->Open menu
3. Select the MSSQL database type
4. Under the "Database" tab, enter the new MS SQL Server name. Click on "Connect to Database"
5. Restart SimpleK on a Workstation. Validate that the new server name is displayed in the application title bar.

Connect the web application (optional)
1. In your browser, go to the URL: yourwebserver/firstsettings.aspx
2. Change the "MS-SQL Server Name" for the new server name
3. Click on "Set up Web Module"

Connect the SyncSimpleK service (optional)
1. On your application server, start the SyncConfig application
2. Change the "MS SQL Server" option for the new server name
3. Click on Start Service
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